Paediatric Speech & Voice Clinic

Dr. Jefferson runs a voice clinic in conjunction with Senior Paediatric Speech Pathologist Sophie Egan for patients experiencing issues with their voice.

The voice clinic provides a comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment. Vocal coaches and speech therapists are invited to attend appointments when possible.

Who do we treat?

  • Children with voice issues
  • Vocal fold paralysis
  • Subglottic stenosis
  • Vocal fold cysts & polyps
  • Spastic dysphonia

What conditions do we treat?

  • throat clearing
  • high or low pitch
  • difficulty breathing
  • strain
  • hoarseness
  • weakness
  • discomfort
  • vocal fatigue
  • poor projection
  • control issues

What happens at the voice assessment?

  • During your 40 minute consultation, Dr Jefferson and Sophie Egan will review the patient’s presenting problems
  • A physical examination will be conducted by Dr Jefferson
  • Comprehensive voice assessment with video recording will be run by Sophie Egan
  • Acoustic analysis of voice (acoustic measurements of sound signals are taken using specialized software and computer equipment) and a video recording
  • Direct visualization of the vocal folds using endoscopy and/or videostroboscopy (the vocal folds are viewed using a flexible or rigid endoscope and a specialized light source)

What happens after the voice assessment?

Following the voice assessment, Dr Jefferson (ENT) and Sophie Egan (SLP) will:

  • discuss the normal structure and function of the vocal folds and the patient findings
  • discuss therapeutic, medical and/or surgical treatment options
  • help initiate referrals to community agencies and/or other services, such as Speech-Language Pathology or vocal coaches
  • generate a comprehensive report with copies sent to interested parties
  • the report, audio recordings, strobe photos and strobe video will be given to the patient on a USB
  • arrange a follow-up clinic appointment if necessary


ENT fees: $280.00 (Medicare rebate $72.75 with valid referral and Medicare card)

Speech Pathologist fees: $100.00 (Health fund rebate may apply)

*Procedures such as nasendoscopy and videostroboscopy are bulk billed with valid Medicare card & referral*