Conditions we treat

Dr Jefferson is fellowship-trained in paediatric and adult tracheal reconstruction and complex airway surgery.

He sees patients privately for the following concerns:

  • Paediatric Airway
  • Paediatric ENT
  • Paediatric Voice
  • Paediatric Snoring and Sleep Disordered Breathing
  • Complex Paediatric Assessment
  • Paediatric Acute and Chronic Ear Infections
  • Paediatric Congenital Neck Masses/Abnormalities


Dear valued referrers,

During my time in the United States, before returning to Newcastle, I undertook an ENT fellowship training in paediatric and complex airway patients.  From 1st Jan 2021, and for the foreseeable future, I will no longer be accepting routine adult referrals so I can focus on paediatric patients 17 years of age and younger.

This decision was not made lightly. I am currently booking patients 12 months in advance which is not in the best interest of patients, my staff or my family. I want to reduce the waiting time for the paediatric patient group and despite doing everything reasonable to improve the efficiency in my practice there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

This change will have no effect on patients currently under my care or any patients with an appointment currently booked throughout 2021.  I value every referral and our practice remains committed to providing excellent and compassionate care to our patients and their families.

As always if there is a patient you are concerned about or you wish for advice on management, I am always happy to talk. Thank you for your understanding.


Dr Niall Jefferson

Director, Department of Adult and Paediatric Otolaryngology
John Hunter Hospital
John Hunter Children’s Hospital

Paediatric Otolaryngology
Voice and Airway Surgeon