Surgical Information

Please note this information applies to patients going through the private system for their surgery


A consultation with Dr Niall Jefferson is required to obtain a quote for your surgery. There are many factors that contribute to the final outcome of your quotation, and as such, we are unable to provide this over the phone.

Your quote will be detailed and provide all the financial information that you require for your surgery.


The fees charged by Dr Niall Jefferson for surgical procedures are based on those recommended by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

If you have private health insurance, your Gap payment for surgery is required 1 week prior to your surgery date.  This payment will confirm your booking and a receipt will be issued to you. Without payment in advance your surgery booking will be cancelled.  Once your surgery is complete, we will claim directly from your healthfund.

If you do not have private health insurance, payment in full is required 1 week prior to your surgery date. Once the surgery has taken place, we will claim from Medicare for you and you will see the Medicare rebate in your nominated bank account within about 48 hours.

There will be a separate fee applicable for both the hospital and the anaesthetist. You will need to contact them directly and provide them with the item numbers listed on your quote.

If you are not covered for any reason, you will be responsible for the full costs of surgery (Dr Jefferson, the anaesthetist and the hospital).

Preparing for surgery

Time off work
You will require an amount of time off work, school, and possibly driving following your surgery. The amount of time required differs depending on the nature of your procedure, and will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation. Our team can provide you with a medical certificate if required.

Do not drive on any day that you are taking strong pain medication.

Prior to your surgery, you will most likely be required to stop any medications that cause bleeding. Please ensure that you inform Dr Jefferson of any relevant medications, as without the correct steps being taken, your surgery will have to be rescheduled. Click here to view a list of medications and supplements to stop taking prior to surgery.

Most procedures will require you to fast beforehand. You will receive a phone call from the hospital the day before your operation to advise you of any fasting required, as well as the time of your operation.

What to bring to hospital

  • All scans relating to your procedure
  • A list of your current medications
  • A small bag of items in case you are required to stay overnight
  • Something to keep you entertained (a book, ipad etc)

Post-operative period

Recovery periods depend on the type of operation you are having and differ between each individual.

For most operations, a post operative appointment will be scheduled with Dr Jefferson in the rooms. If a post operative appointment is not required, you will receive a follow up phone call from Dr Jefferson’s practice nurse.

If at any stage you are concerned about any part of your recovery, please contact the rooms immediately. If it is outside of business hours, please present to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital.

Cancellation of surgery

If you have to cancel or postpone your surgery for any reason, we require a minimum of one week notice. Without one week notice being given, a non-claimable cancellation fee of $200 will be charged.