No Health Insurance?  

**Dr. Jefferson cannot book patients to public hospital operating lists from his private rooms**

There are many Ear Nose and Throat conditions that do not require surgery.  These problems can be assessed and managed in our private rooms without an operation.

If surgery is recommended and you are not covered by health insurance you have 3 options:

  1. Pay for the operation yourself (self-fund) through the private hospital system
  2. Join a Health Fund  *RECOMMENDED*
  3. Apply for Compassionate Release of Superannuation


Many of our patients choose to “self-fund” their procedure.  This allows you to have the operation performed by the surgeon of your choice, at a private hospital on a date that is convenient for you.

There are 3 fees associated with an operation at a private hospital: 1.  The surgeon’s fee  2. The anaesthetist’s fee  3.  The hospital fee

Our surgeon’s fees:

Item Number Description Cost @ Ear Nose Throat Newcastle Medicare Rebate
41632 x 2 Bilateral Grommets (grommets in both ears) $  930.00 $  277.05
41789 Tonsillectomy (child less than 12 years of age) $  800.00 $  225.35
41793 Tonsillectomy (person over 12 years of age) $  1000.00 $  287.35
41671, 41692 x2, 41764 Septoplasty/Turbinoplasty (blocked nose operation)  $ 1732.50


* Please note: These fees are current as of July 2021 and are subject to change at any time

Join a Health Fund

In most cases, it is more cost-effective to take out private health cover now and have surgery in 12 months time. Most health funds require a 12-month waiting period for surgeries on pre-existing conditions. Private health will cover most, or all of the hospital fees, depending on your excess. The hospital fee is typically the most expensive part of having surgery in the private system. Private health funds will also cover most of Dr Jefferson’s fees as well as the majority of the anaesthetist’s fees.  If you choose to take out health insurance, please let us know the date you joined. We will schedule in a phone consult with our Practice Nurse in 12 month’s time to determine whether surgery is still required. If your condition has changed, we may book you in for a review with Dr Jefferson prior to considering a surgery date.
To compare health funds here: Compare Private Health

Compassionate Release of Superannuation

The Australian Government may allow you to access your superannuation for medical treatment if you meet certain requirements. You can find a list of the requirements and the process for applying here: Eligibility for Compassionate Release of Super